About Street Child

Street Child is different from other nonprofits in some significant ways:

Grassroots approach

Firstly, working at a grassroots level is crucial. It gives us access into remote communities, enabling us to reach people with whom no other NGOs work. It gives us the ability to develop services with people who understand the challenges the beneficiaries face - because those challenges affect them too. It helps us fundraise locally; and it helps our services to gain people's trust. This was more important than ever during the Ebola crisis; while the major organizations were building multi-million-dollar treatment centers, Street Child hired 1,700 local 'Ebola educators', who cycled around the villages of Liberia and Sierra Leone, explaining to people how the disease was passed on, and how to keep safe - at a cost of $30 per month per educator. These people reached 250,000 people - at a cost of 61 cents per life saved.

Consulting beneficiaries

We design services with the beneficiaries themselves, making them truly impactful. In October 2015 we ran a consultation with more than 2,000 adolescent girls in Sierra Leone, asking them what they feel are the barriers to obtaining an education, so that we could devise services addressing their specific challenges. In May 2015, we ran a consultation with an entire community in Liberia - one disproportionately affected by Ebola - to find out exactly what would help them recover. 

Small and non-bureaucratic

Our teams are small which not only keeps costs down, but means that we can move money where it is needed the most very quickly. Money donated to Street Child can genuinely be on the ground making a difference within a couple of days.

International offices

Street Child's global headquarters are in London, England, but we also have offices in the US, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. These international offices fundraise for the work on the ground, report back to funders, help to develop the services, and provide support to local teams. Street Child US is the newest of these fundraising offices.

Having international offices enables people and organizations in other countries, including the US, to support street children in West Africa more easily. Your gifts go to the same programs, whichever office you give through, but if you give through the office registered in the country where you pay tax, your gifts will be tax deductible. Street Child US is a fully registered 501c3 nonprofit, so all donations given by US tax payers to Street Child US are tax deductible.

Having international offices also enables donors to give in their own currency, which means that Street Child does not have to pay fees on two currency exchanges (once converting dollars to GBP, and then another conversion to the local currency of Sierra Leone or Liberia). This maximizes the amount of money reaching the overseas programs, which is where we all want the money to be spent.