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Street Child US is a new fundraising office for work which has been in operation since 2008, providing educational opportunities for street children in West Africa. We are a member of the global Street Child federation, which also has offices in continental Europe and the UK. Find out more about where we work, and why we do what we do.

We fund local organizations in both Sierra Leone and Liberia to address the myriad complex reasons these children do not, and cannot, access education, through an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach which tackles poverty, hunger, poor health, and economic marginalization. We also build schools and train teachers, to improve educational outcomes.

Our work, funded by generous, committed, and visionary supporters, not only enables low-income communities to generate their own income, and change their own futures, but it also supports the education of West Africa's future doctors, farmers, teachers, and industry leaders.

We have a proven track record of success: almost 50,000 street-connected children have returned to school since our work began, and 84% of the businesses we fund are still making a profit to date. We have supported 13,000 Ebola orphans over the past year.

Street Child has worked in partnership with many foundations globally, and is committed to presenting foundations with programs which are innovative, impactful, and scalable, and which meet your funding criteria.

Our approach

Street Child is a nonprofit with a difference. We are small in size and so our funding is not tied up in bureaucratic red tape: when funding needs to be deployed quickly, we can get money on the ground within only a few days. This, along with our holistic model, our track record in financial management and delivery, our local reach, and our approach to donor partnerships, sets us apart from many other organizations working on these crucial issues. 


Find out how all the elements of support work together to help children into school.


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