Solomon and Siah, Liberia
Solomon, who is now eight years old, was living on Monrovia's West Point beach when Street Child staff found him last year. He would spend his nights sleeping underneath a canoe to make sure he was first in line for a job with the fishermen at dawn, because his mother Siah had been paralyzed by a stray bullet during the civil war, and was unable to work. Responsible for Siah and his two siblings, there was no chance for Solomon to attend school... Find out how your donations helped Solomon back into school



Children are more likely to succeed in education if they live in a supportive environment with responsible, safe adults; and children who spend their lives on the streets are rarely able to access opportunities for learning. With a street child's permission, we approach their immediate or extended family and suggest reunification. If both family and child are willing, we reunite them and then mentor and mediate the relationship until we are sure it is stable. We also provide parenting advice, workshops, and one-to-one support to make sure the relationship is as healthy and sustainable as possible. 

Settled in a secure family environment, the children are safer, and ready to go to school to build a better future for themselves. For some families, this renewed, stronger relationship is enough to assist the child off the streets and into school. For many other families, however - especially caregivers of Ebola orphans - the will to support the child exists, but the financial resources do not. These families are given the opportunity to enroll onto our Urban Business Scheme.

Where necessary, Street Child also provides counselling, therapy, and other support aimed at helping the children cope with grief and loss, trauma from any abuse they experienced while living on the streets, drug or alcohol addiction, and bullying.

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