send a child to SCHOOL?

Whether you're at elementary school, high school, or university, there are many ways you can help children in West Africa who simply don't have access to education. Could you help us build a school in a rural village, buy books, pens, and uniforms for Ebola orphans, or fund a small business for a family so that they can afford to send their child to school?

These vital aspects of our work do not cost a lot, but make an enormous difference to children who could be in the same grade as you, but who are instead on the streets looking for work. 

Together - with your help - we can not only get children back into classrooms, to receive the education they deserve, but we can also put them there with full bellies and smiles on their faces. 


  • Hold a cake bake sale
  • Guess the number of candies in a jar
  • Hold a sponsored silence
  • Persuade your teachers to dress up in costume
  • Hold a sponsored spelling bee or read-a-thon
  • Pay $1 to wear your own clothes for the day
  • Run a Treasure Hunt for chocolate
  • Guess the name of the doll
  • Run laps around the playing field
  • Collect spare change
  • Have a parents' quiz night
  • Sell restaurant discount cards


  • Volunteer (in the U.S. or, if you're feeling adventurous, on the ground in West Africa)
  • Start your own Street Child society on campus and tell the world about us
  • Host an event on campus in support of Street Child - a cocktail party, a soccer tournament, a sponsored cycle, or a bake-sale
  • Run a marathon with your cohort or sport society - from San Francisco to New York to Sierra Leone, there are marathons aplenty to choose from
  • Participate in our ambassador or gap year schemes


  • Organize a sporting event or concert at school and sell tickets in aid of Street Child
  • Pitch a 'Charity of the Year' idea to your PTA or principal
  • Design, print, and sell a t-shirt in aid of Street Child
  • Volunteer during your summer vacation
  • Take part in a challenge event and ask friends and family to sponsor you


Have the experience of a lifetime while changing the lives of street children forever. Find out more here.

Handling donations

If you'd like to ask people to make donations to your event online, you can set up a fundraising page for Street Child US on Crowdrise; otherwise you can send a check to our head office address. And if you let us know how it goes, and send us some pictures (get permission from all the people in your photos), we will feature you on here and on our Facebook page! 

Contact for more information about challenge event places, volunteering opportunities at home and abroad, including our Gap Year and Ambassador Schemes, and any general support or fundraising queries.

If you have any questions about our work or fundraising for Street Child, or if there's anything else you would like to ask, just email