Richard and Douda lost five members of their family to Ebola within only a few weeks of each other, including their father, stepmother, grandmother, brother, and youngest sister. Watch their moving story.

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Ebola orphan

Even though the virus has been contained in Sierra Leone and Liberia, the aftermath is still claiming lives. Children and adults alike are starving, after harsh quarantines and the deaths of farmers and workers have led to the failure of crops and small businesses, and the deaths of livestock. Most significantly, there are an estimated minimum 30,000 children orphaned by Ebola, who are at risk of dropping out of school and who have no one to feed and care for them.

The good news is that a relatively small amount of money can make a real, immediate difference to their lives.

Sponsor a child's complete journey for $400

It costs $400 to help an orphan complete their entire journey from destitution back into school, including providing emergency food relief, reuniting them with a loving extended family member, and providing that family member with a grant and training so that they can generate their own income.

There are many ways that you can support Ebola orphans and their caregivers, as an individual, through your company, or with your classmates. We also work with foundations to support Ebola victims.

What other donations could achieve

Your donations could help Ebola orphans and their caregivers with emergency aid, reunification, access to income generation initiatives and, ultimately, a return to education. 

New school uniform - $20
In Liberia school uniforms are mandatory. We provide new uniforms for children who have had theirs burned in the disease decontamination process, or who have had to change to a new school (because they have moved to a different area) which has a different uniform. 

Food for a starving child - $25
A one-off donation of $25 could buy a large bag of rice to feed a starving orphan child for one month.

Access to school - $80 for two semesters (or a regular monthly donation of $6.50)
In Liberia education is not free for all children. Where necessary, we also pay emergency school fees so that children's education is not disrupted. 

Reunification and counselling - $150 (or a regular monthly donation of $12.50)
We need to find new caregivers for the orphans; ideally adults who are supportive of education. We must also give them the chance to overcome the trauma they have experienced, through counselling and other types of support. 

Helping new families climb the economic ladder - $200 (or a regular monthly donation of $16)
It's more important than ever that we provide business grants (or, for those in rural areas, bags of seed to farm and sell), to families who have taken in Ebola orphans, to help them sustainably fund their new, bigger household, and cope with increased school costs.

Leave a legacy of hope today.