Agnes and Prince
Monrovia, liberia

Agnes and her 13-year-old son Prince live in Sayon Town, a small neighborhood in the north of the city. Here, Agnes bakes her own bread and sells it on the two busy roads nearby - the more local Logantown Road, and United Nations Drive, where she sells to office workers, civil servants, and NGOs travelling in and out of Monrovia's business district. 

Before Agnes received a Urban Business Scheme grant and training from Street Child, she used to buy and sell on bread baked by others. Life was very difficult, and she and her son lived from hand to mouth, subsisting on one meal a day. Now, however, she can afford to buy her own ingredients and rent an oven at her neighborhood bakery. 

How your support has helped

Street Child first started working with Agnes when one of our social workers, Teh, noted that Prince had been living and sleeping on the streets for several weeks in 2014. Agnes had traveled back to her native Ghana to deal with a family emergency, and had left Prince in the care of a trusted family friend. She was away for longer than expected, however, and the family friend had asked Prince to leave. 

When Agnes returned, Street Child helped to reunite her with Prince, and offered her the opportunity to enroll on the Urban Business Scheme, to help make her and her son's future more financially stable. Agnes accepted immediately, and has thrown herself into expanding her business. 

By making her own bread to sell, the profit margin on Agnes' business has quadrupled, and she is able to save $10 per week. As per Street Child requirements, Agnes uses some of these savings to send Prince to school.

"Thank God I now have my own capital," she says. "Before, things were hard. Now at least we are fighting. With my capital my business will grow. It is small now, but it is a start."

From Street Child, Agnes, and Prince, a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible.

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