Corporate partnerships


In order to keep costs down we use a lot of volunteer hours at Street Child, both at our head offices, and on the ground to build capacity in West Africa. This means we can offer some excellent, money-can't-buy, tailormade volunteer opportunities for your staff, whether you're looking for skill development, motivational opportunities, or staff incentivization.

A partnership between Street Child and your business could have a life-changing impact on street children and their families, and could benefit your staff too. While our focus is on offering educational opportunities to some of the world's poorest children, we achieve this by keeping the family core strong and economically sustainable into the future. We promote and facilitate business development and capacity-building, including offering access to grants, loans, and savings accounts, empowering individuals to create solutions to their own challenges, and feed and educate their children. 

From bespoke challenge events to tailored volunteering opportunities and charity of the year partnerships, there are many ways we can work together to help families in need. 

Volunteer opportunities in the US

The US office would love volunteers to help with our website, SEO/SEM, finances, HR policies, communications materials, fundraising, media work and/or any connections with membership organizations (e.g. your church, your children’s school), your corporate team, or friends who might be interested in supporting us in some way. Contact for more info.

Tailored volunteering on the ground in West Africa

If you are looking for ways to boost staff performance, why not consider a team trip to volunteer at our projects in West Africa? We can provide you with a tailor-made package, including hands-on volunteering opportunities (such as renovating a rural school). Prices start at approximately $20,000 for a group of five for one week, including flights, accommodation, meals, and some other refreshments. 

Note that because the price includes a fixed cost for a Street Child guide to accompany you for the week, the price you pay per person will reduce as your group number grows (for example, a group of ten will cost approximately $33,000). We also ask each participant to achieve a minimum fundraising total of $1,500 prior to the trip; this way, participants will see their money actually being put to use on the ground, leading to a fuller understanding of the challenges faced by the people and organizations working with them.

We can accommodate small or large groups, and individuals, and can completely tailor and brand any trip according to your business needs and goals. 

Individual opportunities can be found on our International Volunteering page.

Corporate challenge - Sierra Leone Marathon 

Are you looking for a new challenge to bring your team together, or to create positive competition between different teams? Why not enter the Sierra Leone marathon? You will be among the first businesses in the US to support this unique, wonderful fundraising event for a country in much need of international support, while also rewarding your staff with what almost certainly be the trip of a lifetime.

Trips usually last around six nights/five days, and in that time your team will:

  • Day one
    Travel by 4x4 to one of Street Child's most remote projects and meet some of the rural school children your participation will be supporting.
  • Day two
    Visit the charity's urban projects, with the extra option of a hosted night walk to learn more about the realities of a young life on the streets.
  • Day three
    Take the chance to explore the charming town of Makeni or simply prepare for the race by relaxing at Street Child's own Bar/Restaurant, the Clubhouse. 
  • Day four
    Likely to be race day. We offer various distances depending on your abilities, including 5k, 10k, a half marathon and, of course, the full marathon. This will be the run of a lifetime through the stunning paths and villages surrounding Makeni, in Sierra Leone. Local children usually join runners for parts of the race, so you will meet local people even as you run.
  • Day five
    Top off this unique travel experience with a relaxing trip to one of Sierra Leone's stunning beaches for a beach party with your colleagues: a chance to rest and reflect on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

We can help any groups wanting to spend time in a European city stopover on the way, and/or spend longer exploring Sierra Leone. We can also add on a short trip to our programs in Liberia if you would like to visit those too. Costs will probably range between $2,500 and $3,500 per person, but this will vary depending on where you fly from and which level of accommodation package you choose (adventure, standard, or premium). The price will include all flights, accommodation, three meals a day, airport transfers, and all transfers to visit projects, plus a welcome drinks reception and a beach BBQ.

Each team member will be asked to achieve a minimum fundraising target of $2,000. For more information, visit and/or contact

Charity of the Year partnerships

Consider the incredible impact that a partnership with Street Child could have on the thousands of out-of-school children currently needing support across Sierra Leone and Liberia. Money you raise as a business could change the lives of the world's poorest children drastically, while also helping to boost staff motivation and performance, and increase staff loyalty and retention. We will support your staff in their fundraising endeavors, and can provide materials, t-shirts, and merchandise if required. 


Education and family are our two biggest partnership areas, but we are also looking to develop partnerships with companies whose products, services, or goals meet any of the following criteria:

  • Support for women

The majority of the small businesses we fund are run by women. These are hugely entrepreneurial people who, as well as working full-time, are also caring for and educating large families as a single parent.

  • Construction

We build schools and have previously had successful partnerships with new home developers and construction companies.

  • Farming and farm equipment

We supply farmers with groundnut (peanut) seeds, rice, and other farming assets, including seed banks for communal farming; this latter acts as a social enterprise, with profits funding the community's school.

To find out more about becoming a corporate partner please contact