A School For Every Village

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Generously Support Our Work With a Donation of $3,000 or $125 Per Month For 2 Years And Get Your Name on a School!


Thousands of children across rural West Africa, especially in remote areas, are not in school because they simply have no school to go to  – or not one worthy of the name.

With our local partners Street Child is working tirelessly - across rivers, up hills, and deep into the jungle - to build, renovate, and improve hundreds of remote village elementary schools, giving the gift of education to thousands of children for the first time.

Do you want to be a part of this? 

Generously support our work with a donation of $3,000, or sign up for $125 a month for two years, and your name could be on one of these amazing schools!

You'll receive a framed picture of your school once construction is complete, updates on the program’s progress, and information about the community! Check it all out and sign up here.


A Meaningful Tribute. 

Donating in memory of a loved one will give hundreds of children the chance to learn to read and write - a lasting meaningful tribute.


A Unique Gift. 

Sponsor a school for a truly unique gift for someone you love. Your support will give more children a classroom they can learn in and a school to be proud of - an amazing gift that will keep on giving.


A Group Effort. 

You can choose to donate with friends, family, your community group, or as a school. Your donation will give generations of children a chance to learn to read and write. Contact our team to learn more at

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