Girls’ education is important because when you educate a girl you have educated many people, in fact you have educated the nation.

There are many reasons why girls aren’t in school: lack of materials, death of a parent, child labor, poor teaching methods, secret societies. The main problem is poverty. Because of poverty the parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Because of poverty the girls have to go out and find money to educate themselves. They have to find men who will give them money, and because of this many girls end up pregnant by men who then do not support them.

Another problem is early marriage – parents give their children to wealthy people because the men will give them money for their daughter and the girls can’t refuse their parents. Once the girls are married, they drop out of school.

I tell girls if you try hard and get educated, you have a chance of a better future. Women suffer in our society but our rights are improving. I have hope for the future.