Foundations and major donors

At Street Child we believe that every child deserves the right to be safe, and empowered through education. We work in partnership with our donors and local organizations to make a lasting impact in the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Find out how this work could be developed by a contribution from you or your trust.


We work at a grassroots level, with local organizations and beneficiaries themselves, to make sure that our work is as relevant, effective, and long-lasting as possible. To ensure sustainability, our holistic model addresses all the barriers to education faced by the world's poorest children, by bringing together access to income generation, psycho-social support, family tracing, reunification, and mentoring, school building, teacher training, and emergency response.


Street Child delivers genuinely lasting change for the communities which need it most. Since our doors opened in 2008, we have supported 120,000 children back into school with a 96% retention rate, including 20,000 Ebola orphans. We have helped 15,000 families develop or launch small businesses, with an 84% survival rate over 8 years, which have sent 22,000 children to school and provided increased food security for around 100,000 people. We have built more than 400 schools and trained thousands of teachers, and supported 400 rural schools to launch seedbank lending initiatives which help remote communities to generate enough income to pay qualified teachers a fair wage. During the 2017 floods and mudslides in Sierra Leone, we provided emergency food relief to almost 100,000 people.

We have achieved all this for around $25 million. 

External evaluation

Our Liberia school provision was evaluated by Innovations for Poverty Action in October 2017 for our role as one of 12 school operators in the Public/Private Partnership School program with the Liberian government. We were found to be among the top three operators making a 'statistically significant' difference to children's education: every 6 months in a Street Child classroom is equivalent to two years' learning in a standard government classroom. We were also found to be among the three lowest cost operators, and the only organization to place in both categories.

Our funders rate us highly: for example, we have received A or A+ ratings for all DfID funded projects (the UK Government's Department for Education).

Working with us

As a partner of Street Child we will work with you to create a tailored program of project involvement and feedback, which could include personalized updates and reports and the chance to visit projects. If you are interested in working with us to make a lasting difference to the lives of vulnerable children, contact our team.

To find out more about the impact of our projectsread our global financial reports.

To find out more about Street Child US specifically, visit our Governance page.