fundraising for
street child

Getting your friends and family together and raising money as a group can be whatever you want it to be - fun, intellectually stimulating, challenging, messy, silent, tasty, or just plain ridiculous.

Some ideas

Bake-sale: As a group, bake and sell cakes in your office, church, or activity club, and donate the proceeds.

Host a dinner party, a BBQ, or a wine and cheese evening: Invite your friends round, prepare a feast, and charge them 'entry' - we suggest a minimum of $20 each to make it worth your time!

Church collection: Ask your church to donate a Sunday collection to us.

Pub quiz: Organize a quiz in your favorite bar or pub and donate the proceeds. Holding a raffle during the evening often helps to increase the amount raised - source prizes from stores near where you live or work. Contact us if you need a letter proving that you are fundraising for Street Child. 

Bucket collections: A great way to raise awareness and funds. We can supply buckets if you supply the labor! Just make sure you stay within the law wherever and however you plan to collect.

Wear Your Own Clothes to Work Day: Pay $5 to wear an ugly sweater, an animal onesie, your pyjamas, or simply your own clothes!

Busking: Play banjo in the city in aid of Street Child! You won't be the first, but it's still a great idea. As always, make sure you do it safely and legally.

Once you have chosen your activity, you can set up an online fundraising page to make it easier for friends and family to sponsor you or contribute, via Crowdrise

What's in it for you

Whether you're a baker, an entertainer, full of trivia, or a sociable bunny, there are plenty of ways you can be part of the Street Child support family. We'd be delighted to have you join us, for many reasons (we don't just want the money - we want hard evidence of you dressed like a jumbo shrimp at your desk). Contact if you have an idea, want more information, or if something doesn't make sense to you.

Thank you!