How We Operate

In this section we will tell you everything there is to know about how Street Child US is run. We've tried to think of everything there is to know, but if we've forgotten something, please just contact us at to ask. We are fully committed to transparency, and have achieved a Guidestar Silver Level profile so far.

Tax exemption

Street Child is a 501c3 nonprofit (federal tax ID number 47-4281452), which means that any donations you make to us are tax deductible. IRS 501c3 determination letter


In 2017 our total non-program overheads were at 1.5% (fundraising expenses 0.4%, management and general 1.1%).


Street Child was incorporated in California in February 2014, and can be found by searching the California Secretary of State website. See our Articles of Incorporation.


This is the document which governs our work and mission, and which ensures that as a corporation, and as a nonprofit, we follow federal and California (our state of incorporation) requirements, and always work to suggested best practice. See our Bylaws.

Federal tax returns

Street Child US 990 2017

Street Child US 990 2016

Street Child US 990N 2015

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