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Street Child works in the world’s poorest and toughest places to make sure that children can go to school and learn for a brighter future.

A huge 121 million children are out of school globally, with no opportunities to learn even basic reading or writing skills. These children live in the poorest parts of the world, decimated by natural disasters, disease, and conflict. Our goal is to get these children into school and help them learn for a better future, so we make sure that we address all the reasons children are out of school.

We build schools, including first-ever schools for many rural communities. We train teachers and we provide books, pens, pencils, and uniforms. To make sure that children’s families can afford the cost of education, we give out grants and offer access to a business training scheme, so that families can set up a small business and make it profitable. We also make sure that children have loving homes to live in and families to care for them, so we find extended family for orphans or street children, and offer counselling or mediation for families struggling to cope with conflict or loss.

The Musahar are among the world’s most disenfranchised people. Find out how we’re helping them into school and employment through our Government-backed program Breaking the Bonds.

Uganda is currently host to the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis. We’re building schools and training teachers in settlements to help children access education, their fundamental human right.

According to the United Nations, the Liberian government will not be able to offer all children access to basic education until next century. Find out what we’re doing to bring that date forward!


Sponsor a School!

Street Child has launched our most ambitious program to date - to build 1,000 rural schools over the next five years so that 100,000 children living in poverty can learn to read and write. We’ll be refurbishing, re-equipping and constructing schools in the remotest villages in West Africa, as well as training teachers and giving out learning materials.

Why don’t you join us, and make your mark on the world by helping to give a first-ever school to a village of impoverished children? $3,000 will make a significant contribution towards progress, and will give you the opportunity to name one of these amazing schools. You’ll receive a photo of your school once construction is complete, information about the community, and updates about the program’s progress. You’ll make a difference by helping to meet the needs of the world’s poorest kids; you’ll be truly connected to the cause, and in on something while it’s actually happening; and you’ll be recognized for your contribution. What could be better? Read more.