Mary and David
Monrovia, liberia

David (pictured above, the tallest child back left) and his seven siblings lived with their mother before she passed away from Ebola in November 2014. Their father was already dead and the family lived on what little income came from her small business selling chili peppers and garlic in the local market. 

When she died, the family was taken in by her younger sister, Mary (pictured above, seated), who did not have her own children. Mary has taken over her sister's business, and also farms on the side.

The seven younger children are in school - Street Child supporters provided uniforms, school fees, and emergency aid after their mother's death, including food and bedding - but David, who is almost 17, has been kept out of school to look after his siblings while his aunt works. He spends his days washing clothes, sweeping, and helping his aunt harvest crops.

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