June 2015

Street Child has successfully completed a desperately needed nationwide program delivering seed to more than 1,000 farming families caring for Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone – just in time for the 2015 planting season! 

In total 1,141 families from across the country, who are collectively supporting 3,996 orphans, received rice or groundnut seed in May and June for immediate planting. Families received varying amounts depending on the number of orphaned children they were supporting, to ensure that they have enough income into the future to send the child to school and provide for his or her basic needs. 

In April, Street Child’s income generation team surveyed all 4,000 of the families then supporting Ebola orphans, to find out what kind of business support would be most suitable. Of the 1,141 families who chose agriculture support, 493 asked for groundnut seed, and 698 families chose rice.

With the planting season already underway and no other organization preparing to support these families in this way, Street Child urgently prioritized getting seeds to these families before the rains. For many the issue was not just the extra burden of the new orphans under their roof, but the fact that Ebola had hugely disrupted harvests in late 2014. Many families were facing the prospect of having very little to plant.

We made it happen!

The result is that these families will be in a significantly better financial position to care for these extra children after harvest this fall. A strong harvest will see up to a 300% return on investment - watch this space for updates!

Anna BowdenComment