Abass, from Rosint Thonkla

My name is Abass and I’m from Rosint Thonkla. My father is a teacher and I have three brothers and one sister. Before Street Child came to my village there was not a proper school. They only used thatch to cover it and when it rained the water would leak into the classroom.

There were no benches and no desks; we were using mud blocks to sit on, and our legs as tables to write on. There were no books, pencils, or a blackboard. We even had to use plastic bags to protect our books from the rain. When it rained we could not come to school, and I was unhappy because the rain kept disturbing my education. 

When Street Child came the school was built. Now, there are two more teachers and we all have a table and a chair to sit at, which makes learning a lot easier.

For people in the village this project is unique because its focus is on education and improvement of teachers’ education in my community. In the future I want to become a teacher. I want to teach religious moral education to teach other children about religion.

Street Child has provided a seed bank to give support to parents. Because of the seed bank being here, parents no longer go outside this community to borrow seedlings. My family is working for the seed bank in my village.

Education is important because it will help you to survive on your own. For us education is a priority.

Anna BowdenComment