Fundraiser spotlight

Kimbra Cutlip and family

Science writer Kimbra spent some time in West Africa in 2015, reporting on the Ebola crisis. Feeling strongly that she would like to help as many Ebola orphans as possible, when she returned she and her family held an Oyster Roast in Chesapeake Bay, raising well over $2,000 for Street Child's Ebola recovery work. Afterwards, her daughter Ellie raised another $212 playing banjo in the city center! A massive thank you to Kimbra, Ellie, and the rest of the family, and all those who contributed to making the event a success.

It costs a maximum of $400 to help an Ebola orphan complete their journey from destitution on the streets, into a loving home, and back into school. Not every orphan starts from the same place, so the money raised has supported as many as 12 children with various elements of their recovery.

A special shout-out to Margaret Morehead for donating the firewood, Edgewater Liquors for providing red wine, Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits for their discount on white wine and beer, Christopher's Fine Foods for donating potato salad and apple cider, Wagon Wheel Restaurant for the huge discount on barbecue pork, rolls, and coleslaw, and Jeff Smith for the oyster roaster.

Thank you to everyone, so much.

Anna BowdenComment