Volunteer Spotlight: Mo Powell

"One day I was looking for opportunities to volunteer online because I love social media and wanted to give back.  In just a few clicks I found Street Child US.  I hadn’t heard of the organization before, but I had heard of the devastation Ebola had caused throughout 2014 in West Africa.  When I started at Street Child I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting into, but I as able to jump right in. 

I immersed myself in the literature on the crisis and the background on the organization.  What I found was amazing.  Street Child US doesn’t just donate money and that’s it.  We take that money and sponsor children’s education, provide resources to support to families who have taken in orphans, and fund aid.  I love the volunteer work I do, and even though we are still just starting out I truly believe we are and will continue to make a positive impact on those impacted by the Ebola crisis."

Street Child says: THANK YOU MO!

Anna BowdenComment