Kadi's story


My mother died when I was just a baby.

After she passed away, I was raised by my Auntie, my mother’s sister. But she didn’t send me to school. Instead I was sent out to sell small things on the streets. But if I wasn’t able to sell enough during the day, when I came home, my Aunt would beat me. So I decided to move to the streets.

Eventually an old lady from the community took me in. But she was too old to look after me. So eventually I went with a friend whose mother was travelling to the city and I decided to go with them.

When I got here I met a guy in town. He was nice to me and told me he wanted to get together with me. I agreed because he’d been nice. Then I got pregnant and the guy denied he even knew me. And now I’m struggling to get by. Some people that I used to work for cleaning or fetching water are nice to me and will give me something to eat.  

I’ve never been to school. I don’t even have anywhere to sleep.

When I see other girls going to school, it makes me feel bad. I really want to go with them. Sometimes when I’m playing with friends in the mornings, they’ll all be in their uniforms and then go off to school. But I’ll stay here alone.

What do I hope for the future? I just want help. Any help.  

Anna BowdenComment