T-King's story


'My family don’t have money so they can’t provide anything - no education, no bike for school. I want to go to school so I’m on the streets trying to get money for a uniform, pens, socks, a bag, a bicycle, and to eat. I look for scrap metal to sell. For every pound in weight I collect, I can earn 250 Leones. If I don’t find metal, I don’t eat.

I love soccer and dance. We used to have a dance club on the street corner, where I learnt lots of my moves.

I sleep under the table in the marketplace. The streets are dangerous. Sometimes there are stabbings, even stabbings to death. There’s stealing, beatings, and group bullying. Life on the streets is bad but once you’re there you get used to it and don't realize how bad it is. But I would really like to get off the streets. Math is my favorite subject. If I can earn enough to get to school, I can go back home too.'

Anna BowdenComment