Ramatu's story


Ramatu, above left, the 70-year-old caring for 18 grandchildren after Ebola

Over 12,000 children were orphaned during the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. Grandparents like Ramatu not only lost their own children but have taken on the responsibility of caring for and educating their grandchildren - often at great personal cost. Ramatu lives in a small community just outside the Sierra Leonean capital Freetown with her husband Alusine. She now cares for her 18 grandchildren, six of whom lost their parents to Ebola. Before Ebola hit, she was already caring for 12 children after their parents passed away.

Surviving has been a serious struggle for the family, but she is determined to care for each child and support them through their grief. Despite her years, two years on from the crisis, and with the support of Street Child, Ramatu has set up a business so that she can feed and educate all 18 of her grandchildren. She is a truly remarkable woman.

Anna BowdenComment