In North-East Nigeria, millions of children and families have been forced to flee their homes following conflict, leaving thousands of children out of schoolIn partnership with Nigeria's Gender, Equality, Peace and Development Centre, Street Child is establishing one of several temporary learning centers in Maiduguri, to give 300 children the chance to go to school.

As part of the program, 10 facilitators from nearby communities are training in Education in Emergencies so they are ready to provide basic education and life skills to cope with emergencies. Peer clubs within the school will provide psycho-social support to girls and boys. Street Child will also be providing educational support to 100 households to ensure that these families can afford to send their children to school long-term.


Japhet was born in Maiduguri and is currently taking part in the Education in Emergencies training workshop.

'Due to the insurgency some children lost their parents and are displaced. Street Child is the best opportunity to take them back to school and get to the right path. I feel passion in helping the less privileged in gaining more knowledge. They will help their families and their society. I would like to be a lecturer in the future.'

22-year-old Stella is also from Maiduguri and graduated from the Maiduguri College of Education.

'I have not had the opportunity to gain any practical experience of teaching since I graduated last year, which was a source of worry for me because I was trained to be a teacher. I believe the Street Child teacher training program will open me to new knowledge, thinking, teaching approaches and perspectives, especially as it has to do with the children in conflict situation here in Maiduguri. My responsibility is not only to contribute to helping the children acquire basic literacy and numeracy, but also to support them in overcoming the emotional and traumatic situation facing them as a result of the crisis. I want to give a listening ear to them when they want to speak, and be there for them at all times.'

Anna BowdenComment