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Recently the Street Child team in Liberia was delighted to attend the opening of the new Dawnus school building at C.H Henry Public School in White Plains, a deprived area on the northern outskirts of the Liberian capital, Monrovia.

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Completed in just seven weeks by a team of community volunteers supervised by Dawnus, C.H. Henry used to be a large complex that catered for all grades from Kindergarten to Senior High School. However, during the Liberian Civil War, the site was largely abandoned.

Since its re-establishment in 2005, the school has only been able to offer elementary grades because of space constraints, so students who wanted to further their education were previously forced to walk over 12km into the city reach a Junior High School.

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The administration has announced their intention to use the new building as a Junior High School facility, and so it will make a huge difference to students and the community as a whole. 'This is just the beginning. Dawnus has given us the building, and we now have a responsibility to create a school for generations to come', said the District Commissioner at the opening.

Dawnus International is a long-term supporter of Street Child's school building activities in Sierra Leone, but this is the first collaboration in Liberia. We would like to thank them for their contribution, and their efforts on behalf of the school community. Thanks to their support, hundreds more children will be able to go to school.

Anna BowdenComment