Meet the team: Head of Rural Programs in Sierra Leone, JMK


Eight years ago, JMK, Street Child's Head of Rural Programs in Sierra Leone, arrived in a village called Bendugu, at the end of a long dirt track in the Tambakha region.

There was a group of children sitting under a mango tree, with a young man teaching them the alphabet and numbers in English. There were well over 100 children in that village but this was the closest they had to a school.

One child in particular caught his attention, a little boy on crutches called Salieu. He was determined to become a teacher and would sit under the mango tree every day, committed to learning to read and write.

Today if you go to Bendugu, you'll find a beautiful school built by Street Child, with qualified teachers and hundreds of children in attendance. It's wonderful to see how the school under a mango tree has been transformed.

Over the years, Salieu moved through elementary and junior school, passing his exams and doing well. Now that same boy from under the mango tree has realized his dream to become a teacher. He has returned to Bendugu to teach at the school that helped him.

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