Daniel, West Point, Liberia

Daniel, Liberia, IDSC 2018.jpg

Daniel (pictured second from left) is eight years old and lives in West Point, on the outskirts of Monrovia. Now in 1st Grade, Daniel has been working with Street Child since last year. Currently, Street Child covers Daniel’s school fees and supplies him with his school materials, so that he can continue his education despite his family’s difficulties.

Daniel lives alone with his father since his mother died, and his father has now been out of work for several years due to various mental health challenges. Daniel says: ‘Some of my friends sell water after school to help their families, but my Dad tells me to stay at home to read and study. He wants me to do really well in school.

‘Me and my Dad live with seven other families, and they sometimes they help us by giving us food, but it is still difficult for us. When I leave school, I want to be a security guard’.

Without intervention, Daniel would never go back to school.

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