Patricia & David
Monrovia, liberia

Patricia runs a 'moveable' business, which means that she does not have a stall, but sells her goods - frozen pigs' feet and chicken wings - along the roads and inside the market, to traders and drivers passing through. Her husband David (pictured above) fled to Ghana as a refugee during the civil war, and has struggled to find work outside the home since his return; he now spends his days caring for the 14 children who live with them - nine of their own, and five nieces and nephews.

As for all traders, the Ebola outbreak has been extremely damaging to Patricia's business. But in September 2014, the situation worsened: both Patricia's sister and brother-in-law contracted and died of Ebola, within 11 days of each other. They left behind five devastated children, who are all now receiving counselling and other psycho-social support from Street Child, to help them cope with their trauma and loss. 

How your support has helped

Patricia had her business before, but with a $200 grant from the Urban Business Scheme, she was able to expand her stock significantly. She was out working when we met the family, but David says that they are able to put aside $90 per week for school fees. The family is living hand-to-mouth, but every single one of their school-age children is in school.

"Of course losing our family was hard, but you just have to let it go," David says. "Sometimes you just have to get on with life and have acceptance. We have to do something for the betterment of their future. If we give the children a better life, we help them become somebody for tomorrow. One of them wants to be a doctor, another a teacher. Provided the international support is there, they can do this."

From Street Child, David, and Patricia, a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Join us in supporting more families like Patricia and David, and leave a legacy of hope for their children.

One of Patricia and David's nephews, helping to care for his baby brother

One of Patricia and David's nephews, helping to care for his baby brother