Education is important for girls because without an education you are left without a future. The major problem for girls is poverty. Most of their parents can’t afford to send them to school – there are no job opportunities and if the parents don’t have a job they can’t afford to send their children to school.

 Girls who are uneducated are always behind. They have no future – many of them will end up on the streets, some of them will be prostitutes, some will sell basic goods in the market, some will be mothers who are unable to properly take care of their children.

When parents can’t afford to send their children to school or even give them food then these girls will go to men for something to eat and then they fall pregnant. 

Another issue is parental attitudes towards girls’ education. Parents have the notion that girls belong in the kitchen, that they should not be better than men so when they have a rich man asking to marry their daughter – her parents will force her to marry him. The girls will not be happy.

If we want our communities to change, we need scholarships for girls to go to school. Not only that but we need to empower the mothers and give them a business because even if the school fees are paid for, the mother cannot afford food, transport or uniform for the girl. We also need to provide mentoring to the girls so they understand their right to education.