Sammelia, Monrovia

"I am ten years old, and my mother is dead. Two months ago [March 2015]  she went to the market to get some food, and she met her friend. Her friend got sick, and then she died. Then my mother said she was not feeling well. She told my auntie, who helped her, but then some people in big white suits came and took my mother away. I did not see her again. Then someone told me that she was dead. 
"I was very sad.
"Then my auntie got sick, from caring for my mother, and they came and took her away too. My family got scared because when they take people away, they die. So my uncle and his friends went to the doctor and took my auntie back. There was a lot of trouble. My auntie died anyway, and then my uncle too.
"Now I live with my big sister Janet, and my little brother George. She is 30 and sells mangoes thanks to a Street Child grant, and can now send us to school. I am in First Grade and I like it. I like social studies and science best. My sister saves for us to have school, and a better life. She saves nearly $2 every day. I am still sad, but I feel safer now, and happier when I am at school."

May 2015

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