Thank you for choosing to Sponsor a School!

You can raise $3,000 as a team, make a $3,000 donation,
or spread the cost over two years via a monthly donation plan.


Where your money goes

Supporting a school isn’t just about construction. To ensure that education is truly successful, the money from your donation will also be used to provide training for teachers, energize communities, and develop income generating opportunities for communities and schools to ensure sustainability in the long term.

Work will span:

  1. School construction, refurbishment and extensions;

  2. Education quality initiatives including extensive teacher training and provision of learning and teaching resources including classroom equipment, furniture and books;

  3. Community advocacy around the importance of education and how caregivers can best support children’s learning;

  4. Income generating initiatives such as school farms and seed lending programs designed to enhance community schools’ sustainability.


A Meaningful Tribute. 

Donating in memory of a loved one will give hundreds of children the chance to learn to read and write - a lasting meaningful tribute.


A Unique Gift. 

Sponsor a school for a truly unique gift for someone you love. Your support will give more children a classroom they can learn in and a school to be proud of - an amazing gift that will keep on giving.


A Group Effort. 

You can choose to donate with friends, family, your community group, or as a school. Your donation will give generations of children a chance to learn to read and write. Contact our team to learn more at