Solomon, Monrovia

Solomon, age six, and his brother Godgift, age eight, were living on Liberia's West Point beach when Street Child staff found them. Sleeping together underneath a canoe at night, they would spend their days doing odd jobs, like helping the fishermen take their catch to market. Their mother, Siah, had been paralyzed by a stray bullet during the civil war, and her sons had become responsible for providing for the family, including Siah and their sister Promise. They slept on the beach to be closer to the fishermen, so that when the catch came in, at dawn, they would be first in line for a job.

How your support helped

Fortunately, donations from our generous supporters were able to help Siah and Solomon. Over a few months, Street Child's street work team gradually began working with the boys, and then the rest of the family, getting to understand their situation and the difficulties they were facing. Siah wanted the boys to live at home, and for all of her children to go to school, but she simply could not afford it.

Our business team worked with Siah to identify a suitable business idea - one she could set up and run easily, given her disability - and then gave her a grant of $125 to get going. Together, Siah and the team created a business plan and set up a savings scheme, and then Siah began selling charcoal. After just five months Siah's business was expanding so fast, and she was making so much profit, that all the children were able to go to school, and the boys were able to live at home. For the first time in years, the family was together again.

In early spring Solomon started Grade 2 and is learning to read and write. His siblings Godgift and Promise are in Grades 4 and 6 respectively; and all are working hard, learning for their future, thanks to a simple donation of $125. 

From Street Child, Siah, and Solomon - a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible. 

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