Street Child's
EBOLA response WORK

Street Child has played a key role in the international response to Ebola. We work with local implementation partners, and so we have an excellent reach into some of the most remote, marginalized communities in Sierra Leone and Liberia. We are able to get into affected communities quickly and easily, and have the trust of the local people.

This means that during the height of the Ebola crisis, we were able to distribute humanitarian aid to thousands of starving orphans and their caregivers, work alongside community contacts to identify orphans and families struggling the most, successfully educate remote communities about how to keep themselves safe - in regions where Street Child Ebola educators were present, there was a noticeable drop in transmission rates - and provide buckets, soap and chlorine to help prevent the disease from spreading.

The ultimate goal of our Ebola effort, as with all our work, is to ensure that every orphan is back in school as quickly as possible. Once we have provided emergency relief, we apply the rest of the Street Child model - we reunify each orphan with a supportive caregiver, provide the caregiver with access to income generation initiatives, including access to business grants or seed for farming and, where necessary, pay emergency school fees.

Help us get Ebola orphans back into school as quickly as possible.