Meet the Street Child team

We are currently looking for passionate, engaged (ideally West Coast) individuals with all kinds of connections and interests to join Street Child's Board of Directors and help us move to the next level of growth. Time commitment would be an average of around 3-4 hours per month. If you'd like to know more, please email with a brief line or two about why you're interested and what you think you could contribute, and we'll go from there!

Anna Bowden bio pic.jpg

Anna Bowden, CEO

Originally from the UK, Street Child US CEO Anna Bowden now lives in Berkeley, California. Previously Head of Fundraising for Ronald McDonald House Charities in the UK, she has also worked as a communications and development specialist for both UK and US nonprofit organizations, and as a journalist for national UK media. She is looking forward to creating valuable partnerships with individuals and organizations who also feel passionately about making education accessible to the world’s most vulnerable children.

Tucker Malarkey, Director

Tucker Malarkey started her career at The Washington Post, where she spent four years working on the Foreign Desk and then at the Brookings Institute working with columnist Haynes Johnson on the book, Sleepwalking Through History, a best-selling account of the Reagan years. She then traveled to Africa for three months, and stayed for over two years, teaching school children on an island off the coast of Kenya and in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Upon returning to America, she was admitted to the Iowa Writers Workshop and has since published novels to critical acclaim. A founding editor of Tin House Literary magazine, she has also worked as a teacher, editor, and film doctor. She is currently finishing her first non-fiction book, to be published in 2018. Tucker brings her passion for education, story-telling and the people of Africa to Street Child, where she hopes to contribute to the organization's expansion in the U.S. 


Sebastian Vollering, Director

Sebastian is a first-generation American (with roots in the Netherlands), who was born and raised in California and studied industrial engineering, economics, and global poverty at Berkeley. For almost a decade, he has advised global executive clients in the nonprofit, government, and private sectors on the strategic and operational issues facing their very large organizations. One of his favorite clients was a development organization based in London with operations in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Rwanda. Sebastian aims to use his skill set to help scale Street Child further to enable even more impact.


Kelfa Kargbo, Head of Sierra Leone programs

'Two days into my honeymoon in June 2000, I got the call that would make my dream of serving vulnerable children come true. Hundreds of children were trapped behind enemy lines during the ten- senseless year rebel war in my country, Sierra Leone. The charity I was working for was looking someone to go and rescue these children and bring them to the safety of the capital city of Freetown. No one was ready to take the risk because if you ran out of luck you were either shot on sight or maimed. I discussed this with my new wife and my parents, because I felt compelled to go and rescue these children. My wife and my mother were not in support, but my father being a pastor said quietly ‘If this is the price we as a family will have to pay to bring these children to safety so be it’. Since then I have never doubted it was the right sacrifice to make, to bring smiles to the faces of children who would have otherwise have nothing. With all these experiences I still love my job and will always love my job as a child protection officer.'


Tom Dannatt, Founder and UK CEO

Tom founded Street Child in 2008 and has led the organization since then. He became full-time CEO in December 2012, and provides hands-on leadership to all aspects of the organization including fundraising and programs, and visits the field most months. Tom holds a Masters degree in Human Rights from LSE and is a qualified barrister. Until 2012, he worked for JohnsonMagill, a City recruitment firm he co-founded shortly after graduating from Oxford in 2001. He is married to Lucinda and has four sons.