Help us to create a generation of Change-Makers and


You can Sponsor a School in Sierra Leone for a donation of $3,000.

In return for your donation you will receive:

- Your chosen name on a sign at on one of the community schools
- Regular updates on the project and your school
- A map showing your school’s location
- Photos of your school.

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Click here to sponsor a school.


Why get involved?

We believe in the power of young people to change the world! But more than 120 million young people are out of school worldwide, in the world’s poorest countries, affected by disaster, conflict and disease.

Education is a fundamental human right and the surest pathway out of poverty. Our work educating children creates a generation of adults who themselves have the skills, knowledge and resources to solve the systemic poverty and marginalization their countries and communities face. And this is crucial for long-term change.

Sierra Leone 1000

Street Child is bringing education to these potential Change-Makers by building, renovating and
re-energizing 1,000 schools across Sierra Leone – reaching 100,000 children living in poverty.

The program will directly target communities with little, or zero, effective education provision – communities where no, or few, children, are passing crucial end-of-elementary school examinations.


PROGRESS: 329 Schools supported to date

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Your support will help us get closer to our goal.

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A Meaningful Tribute. 

Donating in memory of a loved one will give hundreds of children the chance to learn to read and write - a lasting meaningful tribute.

Sponsor a School


A Unique Gift. 

Sponsor a school for a truly unique gift for someone you love. Your support will give more children a classroom they can learn in and a school to be proud of - an amazing gift that will keep on giving.

Sponsor a School


A Group Effort. 

You can choose to donate with friends, family, your community group, or as a school. Your donation will give generations of children a chance to learn to read and write. Contact our team to learn more at

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